One Day at a Time

This is how my medical oncologist described how he deals with all the dying and death he has seen in his 30 years of practice, and still smiles with me on my journey.

One day at a time is how I have dealt with the adventure that is chemotherapy, and the uncertainty of the unknown that comes with each treatment, and with each new course of toxins that are giving my best shot at a long life ahead.

We’ve talked about how I don’t look at these treatments as a cure, and how I am dealing with the possibility a lifelong, chronic condition, even metastatic breast cancer at some point. I am ready for whatever this brings and I am not facing it with fear. Instead I am finding an angle of view of each challenge that enables positive action. I am making the most of the good days.

The past few weeks have blessed me with some unexpected great days. I celebrate those with lots of singing and dancing. I still smile on the days I am challenged with discomfort, or pain, or new side effects. I don’t fall for the trap that is wishful thinking. I embrace the fact that tomorrow could be a bad day. One day at a time. Make the most of every day by not complaining. Instead I try to take action.

If I can’t change something, then the action I take is to accept it and endure it, believing that this too shall pass. The hardest part is to fight back the thinking that any of these side effects are my future. My salvation rests in the knowledge I can enjoy my life anyways, no matter the circumstances.

One day at a time is a great way to live, even if you don’t have cancer. Celebrate life, yours and the lives of those you love, today and every day. Life may not come with any guarantees, but it comes with this amazing promise: it is to be lived and enjoyed.

“My ebullience won’t cure the disease but it sure makes this adventure more fun!” #FuckCancer ~Kat Caverly


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