A Swimmer’s Song

Backyard swimming pool, South Orange, NJ 1986, photo by Kat Caverly
Swimming Pool Blues, © photo by Kat Caverly, 1986

Down     Down     Down

Deeper     Deeper

Turning,    I do the backstroke,     underwater

Above me,     the summer funsters

Floating     Flying     Flailing Angels

I can’t stay down for much longer

Straining my stamina

The air beckons me back

Back to the surface

In the down deep of my water world

In the quiet I hear the songs of laughter above

On this hot summer’s afternoon

I give in and rise back up effortlessly to join them

Tomorrow I will wait for daddy again

Beg for another quarter

The price of admission to this world of floating angels

So I can return

To seeking the bottom     of the pool

~poem by Kat Caverly, June 2014, all rights reserved


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